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DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards - 2PCS Pack
DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards - 2PCS Pack
DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards - 2PCS Pack
DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards - 2PCS Pack
DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards - 2PCS Pack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards - 2PCS Pack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards - 2PCS Pack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards - 2PCS Pack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards - 2PCS Pack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards - 2PCS Pack

DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards - 2PCS Pack

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🛑 STOP Food Getting into Gaps

It is so difficult to clean when food and crumbs fall between your countertop and stove. Sometimes we don't even know food got in there until is too late.

We are not just talking about the time it takes to clean up. But also the physical strength to move the stove in order for a complete clean up. 

Why not just cover up the gaps?

Food won’t accidentally get in there, you prevent ants and roaches from visiting. Clean up is easy and your stove remains clean and beautiful for the longest time.

Save time and effort with DoctorStove Complete Gap Guards!

No More Food Falling into the Gaps, No More Stench from Rotten Food Trapped in the Gaps, No More Nasty Roaches & Ants - Let your countertop & stove last a lifetime with DoctorStove Complete Gap Guards.

☑️ Cover That Gap - Our best-selling gap guards completely cover the gaps between your countertop and stove. Say goodbye to gunk and debris that gets stuck in the gap between your stove and countertop, or any other appliances in your household.

☑️ Simple to Install – No special tools or adhesives needed. Just slip our guards into the gap and you are ready to go. Our non-slip flexible guards "work like gloves"conforms to your stove and counter surfaces and will adapts to any uneven spaces!

☑️ 100% Safe & Heat Resistant - We put your safety first, our guards are heat resistant up to 445°F / 230°C. Don't worry about spilling hot food onto these guards, they are perfectly safe. They will not melt when in contact with hot spills and can be easily clean off with a damp cloth later.

☑️ Easy to Clean – No more cleaning for hours after cooking, not only our guards protect food from slipping into the gaps, they can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth. Imagine the amount of time you save!

☑️ 100% Dishwasher Safe - Need thorough cleaning? Our gap covers are 100% Dishwasher Safe. You can feel rest assured to place them in the dishwasher and wash it along with your dishes.

☑️ Extra Long 25" & Fits All Stove - Our extra-long 25” guards can be cut to the required length to match your counter top or stove length. So you don’t have to worry about the measurements! It will fit any stove.

☑️ Aesthetically Pleasing – No more industrial tapes or aluminium foils. Our gap covers comes in 3 colors to match all sorts of counter tops and stoves designs. Your lovely counter tops and stove deserve better!

☑️ Fully Reusable – Moving to a new place? Or changing to a new stove? Simply peel off the gap guards and reuse them again. Our gap guards can last more than a life time!

Comes in 3 Colors to match any stove!

☑️ Dust-proof & Non-Slip - Top and bottom surfaces of our guards are specially designed to suit their purposes. Top surface - premium quality matte, non-tacky, dustproof & smooth; Bottom surface - non-slip, & stick well on surfaces.

☑️ No Residual Stains – Our gap guards will not leave any residual stains on your counter top & stove. Apart from being heat resistant, they are made of the most non-reactive silicone. They do not crumble or degrade with day to day use.

☑️ Perfect for All Types of Stove - Our gap guards work on ANY types of stoves - Gas, Electric or Induction and maybe even more. As long as there is a gap to fill with aesthetic and functional purpose in mind. Our gap guards are perfect for it!

☑️ Multiple Applications – Our gap guards can use anywhere with gaps! They can be used on office desks to prevent the coins and other small items from falling, washer and dryer to keep socks from slipping between the crevices, kitchen appliances, or any place where there are seams. Just get the right color and they will be unnoticeable!

Use it anywhere with gaps that needed to be filled!

☑️ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We stand behind all of our products, so you can enjoy a risk-free purchase and buy with confidence.

☑️ 30 Days Money Back - Not 100% satisfied with your purchase? Simply return it and receive a hassle-free, full refund.

Installation Instructions
(A copy will be sent to your inbox upon purchase)

1. Measure & trim to the right length.
2. Place trimmed guards over gap ensure long side of the flap is facing away from the stove.
3. Press down and allow the guards to conform & fill the gap space.

NOTE: Ensure the guards are installed at a distance of at least 3-4 inch / 8- 10 cm away from the burners. The short side of the guards should be facing the burners and the longer side away from the burners.

Technical Specifications

Material: Heat Resistant Silicone
Dimensions: 25 x 2.2 x 0.4 inches | 63 x 5.6 x 1 cm
Fill Gaps from min to max: 1/16 inches to 2 inches  | 0.2 x 2 cm


US & International: 21 - 28 Days*
*Your local postal office may experience delays due to COVID-19 but we will keep you posted via email.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What is the dimension and will they fit?

A: Our gap guards are shaped like ‘T’. The top and widest part of the guards is 2 inches (5.08 cm) wide. The bottom and narrowest part of the gap cover is  1/16 inches (0.19 cm) wide. So ideally it should fit gaps not wider than 2 inches or narrower than 1/16 inches.

Q: Will they work if the stove and counter top is not level?

A: Our gap guards are designed for both sides of gap surfaces to be leveled. It would still work if the height between the surfaces is not more than 0.25 inches (0.6 cm). More than that, the gap covers may not work optimally.

Q: Can the gap cover be used on controls, back wall, washing machine & etc?

A: To use the gap covers optimally the corresponding surfaces must be horizontally leveled to each other. Gap size should be between 1/16 inches (0.19 cm) to 2 inches (5.08 cm). If the gap fits both these criteria, then it will work.

Q: Can I use with an electric stove or induction stove?

A: Yes. It can be used with an electric stove or induction stove as long as there is a gap to be filled.

Q: What colors do they come with?

A: They come in black, white and translucent. 

Q: Will the White or Translucent stove guards be stained by food?

A: No. They will not be stained. These are non-porous silicone, they will not retain or trap any food or sauce that would result in staining. However, to make cleaning easy, do wipe off spilled food or sauce as soon as you can.

Q: What is heat resistance?

A; Our stove gap guards are made of bake ware material with max temperature of 446 deg F (230 deg C). You can put hot food on top but do not expose it to open flame. 

Q: Can I get 1 white and 1 black within a pair? 

A: Within a pair, it will be 2 stove guards of the same color. 

Q: Does it lay flat

A: Yes it stays flat between the gaps.

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