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User & Installation Instructions

DoctorStove™️ Complete Gap Guards

1. Measure & trim to the right length.
2. Place trimmed guards over gap ensure long side of the flap is facing away from the stove.
3. Press down and allow the guards to conform & fill the gap space.

NOTE: Ensure the guards are installed at a distance of at least 3-4 inch / 8- 10 cm away from the burners. The short side of the guards should be facing the burners and the longer side away from the burners.

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DoctorStove™️ Keep It Clean Gas Range Protectors

1. Use your burner top - Trace the circumference.
2. Cut out the traced circumference.
3. Place the cut protectors underneath the burner top.  
4. Place the grates over it

NOTE: Ensure the protectors are install at a distance of at least 0.5 inch / 1 cm away from the open flame. 

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DoctorStove™️ Pots & Pans Restore Scrubbers

1. Wet scrubbers and affected area.
2. Add detergent if required.
3. Gently scrub affected area  
4. Rinse off affected area. 

NOTE: Not recommended for painted surfaces, non-stick or smooth surfaces to avoid scratching these surfaces. When in doubt, do a spot test on the surface before applying it fully.

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