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About Us


The Heart of the House

Welcome to DoctorStove!

We believe that every kitchen should be the centerpiece of the house, a place of pride and joy where good food and memories are created. A well maintained kitchen not only symbolizes the unity within the family, it also radiates positive energy to everyone in the household. This is the reason we created DoctorStove and its products. We believe owning a clean and functional kitchen can be easy with the right innovations. All our products are specially created and engineered to help improve your cooking experience while extending your kitchen’s lifespan.

We are constantly coming with ideas to reduce the time and effort to clean and maintain the kitchen whilst not compromising any kitchen functions. Our flagship product the DoctorStove™ Complete Gap Guard is invented based on this principle. Made with highly malleable heat resistance silicone, our guards can easily slip into the gap between your countertop and stove, immediately providing an impenetrable seal over the once ominous food catchment area. We are so confident with our flagship product - DoctorStove™ Complete Gap Guard, that we are even giving a Lifetime Warranty for this.

 All our products also comes with 30 Days Trial. If for any reason, they did not meet your requirements, feel free to contact our customer support for a return. We believe this demonstrates the confidence we have in our service and our products. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

Our Mission

We seek to provide solutions to ensure a long lasting and clean kitchen. We believe this is the path to towards a healthy family and a healthy lifestyle.

Our Values

We prioritize having a safe, hygienic and clean environment for preparing food.

Our Promise

We believe that DoctoStove and its products will help to create an efficient kitchen.

Our Impact

We want even ordinary kitchens to be clean and efficient with time spent on cooking not cleaning. Kitchen can and also should create wonderful memories for the household and the family living in it.

  • Enjoy Cooking
  • Create Wonderful Memories in the Kitchen
  • Have Kitchen being the Heart of the House
  • Reduce the Effort & Time for Cleaning
  • Properly Maintained Kitchen
  • Free of Nasties like Roaches & Ants
  • Free of Stench
  • Everlasting & Functional Kitchen

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